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Not long to go now

I’d love to have an exact launch date for The Syndrome Diaries, but even if I knew the day it will upload to Amazon, the time it takes Amazon to process new e-books varies. So I’ll just have to say I’m aiming for mid-October.

The final edits are going quicker than I expected. I’m adding a little more colour into one of my main characters and also sowing a few more seeds for a twist at the end of the book. I thought I had put enough pointers in for it to make sense, but my beta readers tell me not. The predictability of a plot’s twists and turns are impossible to gauge as the author, so this feedback has been particularly useful.

As far as marketing goes, you might notice the appearance of a Facebook ‘like’ widget over to the right. Yes, I got my author page set up! Now I have to work out what to do with it, and it’s one more thing to keep tabs on and update. I have to admit I have reminders on my organiser/project management app to tweet and to go and read blogs. It’s easy to think of them as luxury activities for spare time, and ticking them off a to-do list gets me out of that mindset. I’d better add a recurring Facebook task.

There seems to have been slightly more activity on my blog, and because I’m now using WordPress for two other projects, I’m getting better at finding my way round. Now I need to start paying attention to the statistics on here: there’s so much interesting and useful information. I think I need to structure it with a weekly report where I collect specific figures, rather than just having a look when I feel like it. That’ll be another app task…

How do you manage your platform and stats without it taking over your life? All tips gratefully received.


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3 thoughts on “Not long to go now

  1. I have yet to jump on the Facebook wagon. I’m just not sure having an author page will be worth the extra time it will take me. I already have plenty on my plate with a blog and Twitter. I guess I’ll wait and see how it goes when my book comes out. I can always add it later. Good luck with your launch!

  2. Thanks Carrie. I think some wagons are smooth and fast and others trundle awkwardly, but I’m not sure yet which is which! The FB page wasn’t too time-consuming to set up (and would have been even less so if I’d not kept writing ‘diaires’ instead of ‘diaries’) and should be straightforward to maintain, but I’m not sure many people will actually engage with it. It feels a little bit as though there’s tumbleweed blowing around there at the moment, but it’s early days.

  3. This is exciting news. Good to know your beta readers are able to give you the kind of feedback you are looking for. I have a FB page, but I don’t do much with it as I don’t have a book out (yet). I have heard mixed opinions on it. I still love my blog as my go-to mode of communication. We’ll see what transpires though…

    Good luck in your final countdown. 🙂

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